Purafil Media

Purafil media are engineered to target airborne gaseous pollutants. These pollutants, which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, cannot be trapped by even the most efficient particulate filter. Purafil specializes in the engineering and manufacture of dry-chemical pellets called “media” to trap and eliminate thousands of gaseous pollutants.


Purafil manufactures many different media using different active ingredients. Each Purafil media targets specific gaseous pollutants. We customize your Purafil system using one or more Purafil media, depending upon the types and levels of gaseous pollutants present in your environment. 


Purafil offers a range of different types of media, the selection of which depends on the contaminant challenge. 

Purafil Select

  • Activated alumina based system 

  • Potassium permanganate and sodium bicarbonate impregnation system

  • Permanemtly removes gaseous contaminants from the airstream and converts them into non-toxic materials through a chemical reaction (oxidation) process

  • Effective against arsine, phosphine, SOx, NOx, H2S, formaldehyde and many VOCs



  • Activated carbon based media

  • High grade virgin activated carbon

  • Has a surface area of 1100-1200 m2/g

  • Effective against acetone, alcohols, toluene, xylene, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide and VOCs with higher molecular weights (MW >80)



  • Caustic impregnation system: KOH and sodium bicarbonate

  • Effective against acidic gases such as Cl2, F2, SO2, boron trifluoride (BF3), HCl and HF 


Puracarb AM

  • Acid impregnation system for control of molecular bases

  • Effective against ammonia, NMP and various amines



  • Specially formulated for the removal of chlorine

  • Removal capacity for chlorine gas is 15% minimum by weight


Select CP Blend

  • 50/50 blend by volume of Purakol and Purafil Select media

  • Removes sulfur oxides and other odorous pollutants from makeup air



  • Removes hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and formaldehyde.

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