Real-Time Monitoring with OnGuard

Purafil's OnGuard series of real-time, air quality monitors help to solve corrosion problems before severe damage occurs. Place the OnGuard monitor at the outlet of your scrubber to verify clean air or in the room to establish air quality trends. All OnGuard monitors help to prevent problems associated with harmful airborne gases.

OnGuard® 3000 (OG3) Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor  

Purafil's OnGuard® 3000 is Purafil's first battery-operated corrosion monitor which measures in real-time the overall reactivity level of Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMC) present in the local environment as well as temperature and relative humidity. This data can either be logged by an internal data logger or can be transmitted directly to the building management system via a 4-20 mA ouput signal. 

OnGuard® Environmental Reactivity Monitor

Purafil's OnGuard® ERM is the only reactivity monitor capable of measuring real-time corrosion severity levels that correlate to air quality classifications. The OnGuard ERM uses highly-sensitive, quartz crystal microbalance sensors to continuously measure in real-time the total environmental corrosion due to the presence of harmful gaseous pollutants. The OnGuard ERM continuously detects and records changes in gas concentrations at levels <1 ppb, allow for preventive action and immediate detection of air quality events. 

OnGuard® Continuous Corrosion Transmitter

The OnGuard® CCT measures in real-time the amount of corrosion forming on copper and silver surfaces. The monitor logs cumulative data to detect and measure isolated corrosion-causing events. The CCT transmits information to your building management system. All CCT measurements can be related to ISA severity levels and potential effects on equipment reliability.

OnGuard® 2000 Atmospheric Corrosion Monitor  

The OnGuard® 2000 continuously measures the real-time effects of corrosion on electronics and shows this data on a liquid crystal display panel. You can network a single OnGuard 2000 to monitor multiple rooms or facilities. You can also adjust the monitor's readings to reflect typical corrosion levels in your industry or application.

OnGuard® Å-Prompt Outlet Air Monitor  

The OnGuard® Å-Prompt measures the cleanliness of air discharged from your dry-scrubbing system. The OnGuard 2000 scans the Å-Prompt for cumulative corrosion-level readings. The Å-Prompt then provides immediate verification of system performance. 

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