Passive Monitoring with Coupons

Reactivity monitoring using “Coupons” is a reliable and cost-effective means of gathering the information necessary to better understand your internal and external environments. Purafil’s air quality assessment service offers the following benefits: 

  • Simple and Economical: Purafil’s air quality assessment service requires no disruptive or expensive on-site monitoring with instrumentation. 
  • Practical and Effective: Assessment results correlate directly with industry-accepted air quality classifications. 
  • Reliable: The amount of corrosion forming on the coupons over a given period is a primary indicator of how well controlled an environment may be. 
  • Comprehensive: Laboratory coupon analysis reveals information on general classes of gases present, estimated concentration levels, and humidity effects.

Use Purafil Corrosion Classification Coupons to determine the types and levels of corrosive gases in your control room, motor control center, rack room , or oterh area housing sensitive electronics.

Here is how it works:

  1. Place the coupon in the room of concern for a period of 30days. Exposing the coupons to the corrosvie gases in your environment will result in the buildup of a corrosion film on your coupon.
  2. Return the coupon to Purafil's research and development laboratory for analysis.
  3. Purafil will analyze the corrosion buildup on your coupon to determine the rate of corrosion, the types of corrosive pollutants in your environment as well as their relative levels. Purafil will then provide a report detailing the severity of corrosion in the room as defined by the ISA standard 71.04-1985, the accepted guideline for warranties of electronic equipment.
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