Air Filters for Waste Water Applications

Odor Scrubbers

Purafil ESD systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations according to meet the unique requirements of each application. When building your system, we consider airflow requirements, desired media service life, space availability, and types and concentrations of odors present. 

Drum Scrubber  

Offers quiet control of odors at pump stations and in residential communities. Odors are drawn upwards through multiple layers of Purafil ESD media. System is weatherproof and requires little maintenance. Sized for airflows from 0 to 1,000 cfm. 

Tub Scrubber 

Provides clean air in controlled environments housing sensitive electronics. Sits outside the control room and pressurizes the space with clean air. The Tub Scrubber is used in applications where high levels of a single contaminant are present, such as pulp and paper mills.

Deep Bed Scrubber   

Sits outside the protected space and provide clean pressurization air to rooms equipped with electronic process control systems. The Deep Bed Scrubber offers up to 4 media beds for control of multiple contaminants in process industries.

MOLE Manhole Scrubber 

Offers complete control of street-level sewer odors. The collar of the scrubber rests just below the manhole cover. Odors enter the MOLE through the bottom of the unit and flow upwards through 2 passes of Purafil Odormix SP media, where they are absorbed and chemically converted to non-organic salts. This is a passive system and does not change the integrity of the manhole.

Vessel Scrubber 

Designed to mitigate high loads at large headworks, full treatment plants and large digesters. The VS is sized for airflows from 8000 to 20000CFM and is available in single or dual media bed designs. In single bed designs, odors are drawn into the inlet plenum and through the media bed where contaminants are chemically removed. Dual bed scrubbers feature a split media bed, ideal for higher airflow applications. Treated air is discharged to the atmosphere through vertical stacks. Typical system utilizes Odorcarb Ultra with Odormix SP as a polishing media.

Emergency Gas Scrubber

The Purafil ESD Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS) prevents toxic chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas releases due to a failure in the storage cylinder or system by providing immediate on-line removal of leaking gas from a room or building. The EGS is designed to achieve the following:

  • Protect personnel and neighbors from exposure to toxic gas
  • Mitigate the entire contents of a fully loaded cylinder in a worst-case release scenario
  • Reduce toxic gas concentrations to less than 5 ppb at discharge
  • Exceed the requirements of the Unifor Fire Code and US EPA Clean Air Act
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