Air Filters for Industrial Applications

Purafil manufactures a variety of air scrubbers to protect critical electronics from corrosive, acid gases. Our systems reduce contaminant levels to those specified by ISA Standard 71.04-1985, the most popular guideline for warranties of electronic equipment. 

For Pressurization and Purification

Tub Scrubber

Provides clean air in controlled environments housing sensitive electronics. Sits outside the control room and pressurizes the space with clean air. The Tub Scrubber is used in applications where high levels of a single contaminant are present, such as pulp and paper mills. 

Deep Bed Scrubber

Sits outside the protected space and provide clean pressurization air to rooms equipped with electronic process control systems. The Deep Bed Scrubber offers up to 4 media beds for control of multiple contaminants in process industries.

Positive Pressurization Unit

A self-contained system designed to provide pressurization air that is free of corrosive gases to environments containing sensitive electronics.


For Recirculation and Purification

Purafil Side Access System (PSA) 

The PSA is a built-to-order modular system that ties into existing air handling units for removal of particulate and gaseous pollutants. The PSA is available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and custom filtration sections to meet your specific application requirements. Use the PSA to reduce your heating/cooling costs by cleaning air that normally would be exhausted.

Corrosive Air System 

A self-contained air purification system designed to recirculate and clean the air within controlled environments. The Corrosive Air System ensures the lowest levels of pollution for protection of sensitive electronics.


To Protect Your Electronic Cabinet

Electronic Cabinet Unit 

Protects free-standing electronics and electric remote controls from the damaging effects of corrosive airborne contaminants. Designed for side-mounting, the Electronic Cabinet Unit pressurizes the space with clean air and recirculates air within the space.


To Protect Your Compressor

Compressor Intake Filter 

Multi-stage air purification system that removes corrosive gaseous and particulate pollutants from compressor intake air. The Compressor Intake Filter protects against impeller vibration and intercooler corrosion.

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