Air Filters for Commercial Applications

Outside makeup air is a primary source of pollution in most any commercial facility. This air often contains high quantities of pollutants, which can result in indoor air quality complaints. Purafil offers a variety of modular systems to filter pollutants from makeup, supply, and return airstreams.

Purafil Front Access System (FAS) 

The FAS is a modular system available in a variety of sizes and configurations and is designed to be integrated with the overall HVAC system. Use the FAS in custom air handling units or retrofit applications with high airflows. The Front Access Systems are installed as built-up banks and contain Purafil media in disposable media containers. 

Purafil Side Access System (PSA) 

The PSA is a built-to-order modular system that ties into existing air handling units for removal of particulate and gaseous pollutants. The PSA is available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and custom filtration sections to meet your specific application requirements. Use the PSA to reduce your heating/cooling costs by cleaning air that normally would be exhausted.


The Purafilter® is the only line of pleated fiber filters to contain our patented media for oxidation and elimination of odorous and irritant gases. Replace your existing particulate filters with Purafilters for removal of particulate and gaseous pollutants in a single pass. The Purafilter is available in commercial-duty and heavy-duty designs.  

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