Air Filters for Cleanroom Applications  

Purafil offers a variety of filtration options, from pleated fiber filters to modular, multi-stage front and side access systems. Our flexible system designs allow for easy retrofit of fan filter units, as well as makeup and recirculation air handling systems. Purafil systems are custom built according to your application’s unique requirements — types and levels of contaminants present, system airflow, pressure drop availability, and space accommodations.

Purafil Front Access System (FAS)

Because large amounts of outside air are required to ventilate and pressurize the cleanroom facility, Purafil offers the Front Access System (FAS). The FAS is a modular system available in a variety of sizes and configurations to mitigate high AMC concentrations and meet higher airflow requirements. The Purafil FAS is also incorporated into recirculation air handlers to further polish contaminated airstreams and reduce AMC levels. 

The PuraGRID Filter

The PuraGRID is a new filter that is designed to supply a large amount of chemical filtration with minimal amount of pressure drop. This newly developed media delivery system offers increased operational performance and energy savings. The new PuraGRID bridges the gap between Purafil's existing line of filtration products, enabling a clean air solution for every application and market.

The Canister 

The Canister is a disposable solution offering high removal efficiency for large amounts of gaseous contaminants. The unique design by Ye Siang combined with Purafil’s patented media formulations, offer ten times the service life of other chemical filters. The canisters are designed to fit existing holding frames and include gasketing to ensure bypass prevention.


Purafil manufactures the patented Purafilter® line of pleated fiber filters for combination control of airborne particulate and molecular contaminants. The Purafilter is the only pleated fiber filter available with potassium permanganate, for superior control of AMC. Use the Purafilter to improve process reliability, product performance, and increase yield. The Purafilter is available with an integral 95% (MERV 15/EU8/F8) layer of filtration. Use in recirculation air applications and fan filter units.

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