Purafil Products

Purafil is the industry leader in the development and manufacture of dry-chemical media (for purification of contaminated airstreams), filtration systems (for various applications and markets) and monitors (for real-time verification of air quality and filter perofrmance).

Purafil Media

Purafil media are engineered to target airborne gaseous pollutants. These pollutants, which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, cannot be trapped by even the most efficient particulate filter. Purafil specializes in the engineering and manufacture of dry-chemical pellets called “media” to trap and eliminate thousands of gaseous pollutants.

Purafil Gas-Phase Air Filters

Purafil, first in clean air, is dedicated to providing quality, clean air solutions and is focused on the engineering and manufacture of gas-phase air filtration media, which are the heart of Purafil filtration systems. Purafil's patented dry-chemical media is packaged in a wide range of filter designs, from small pleated fiber filters to large deep bed scrubbers. 

Environmental Monitoring Tools

Air quality monitoring is key to a successful air quality control program. Purafil offers a variety of passive and real-time monitoring tools. These tools provide a comprehensive and reliable means of determining the overall level of harmful gases in critical areas. Use Purafil's monitoring tools to assess your environment before control measures are implemented or to verify the performance of existing filtration systems. Purafil offers passive and real-time tools, depending on your unique needs and application.

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