Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is media?

In the gas-phase filtration industry, “media” refers to small dry granules, pellets, or beads that remove gaseous chemical pollutants from polluted airstreams. 

2. How is Purafil media superior to other media brands?

  • Permanent Gas Removal: Purafil media contain special chemical ingredients, which remove gaseous pollutants through a unique chemical process known as chemisorption. During chemisorption, Purafil media covert gases into harmless microscopic particles, which remain trapped inside the pellet. This process is instantaneous and irreversible. Other media, such as activated carbon or “charcoal,” remove gases through a different process known as adsorption. During adsorption, gases stick to the surface of the media, but since no chemical reaction occurs, gases may desorb or be released back into the air. Unlike chemisorption, adsorption is a reversible process. Used alone, adsorptive media, such as activated carbon, are unreliable at removing gaseous pollutants.

  • Engineered for Performance: Purafil media are engineered using patented blend of substrate(s), active ingredients, and binders. Using proven techniques, Purafil combines these ingredients to meet our exact specifications of porosity, active ingredient content, and other factors that affect the media’s performance. Other engineered-media manufacturers may use more simplistic methods of impregnating their media with active ingredients. Only Purafil engineers and manufactures their media from raw materials using patented formulas to ensure performance. Activated carbon or “charcoal” is not an engineered media. Activated carbon is a natural substance that does not offer the benefits of an engineered media, such as active ingredients to enhance performance.

  • Added-Value Benefits: Purafil media offer many benefits that other media do not. Purafil media are UL Classified, do not support bacterial or fungal growth, and are non-toxic and non-hazardous before and after reaction. 

3. Is Purafil media safe to handle and use?

Yes. Purafil media is non-toxic and non-hazardous both before and after reaction. Purafil media, with the exception of Purakol® and Purakol® AM, are UL Classified.

4.  How much media do I need? 

The amount of media you require depends upon the concentration of pollutants in your environment, the run hours of your HVAC system, airflow, and other factors. Purafil’s MediaPIK™ software program, developed by Purafil engineers, is a valuable tool in determining the type and quantity of Purafil media required for your application.  

5. How do I dispose of my Purafil media?

Purafil media, with the exception of Purakol® and Purakol® AM, are landfill disposable both before and after reaction with gaseous pollutants. Purafil always advises you dispose of media according to government regulations.  

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